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    Life on the Lake

      Life on the Lake Growing up I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with my family at our lake cottage in Interlaken- it always brought me a sense of relaxation and I loved being in the serenity of nature. I’m sure we’ve all had a similar feeling and this time of […]

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    Buying in a Seller’s Market: How to stand out and what to watch for

    In real estate, the terms buyer’s market and seller’s market are tossed around quite often. First-time home buyers or those with experience buying in a buyer’s market may be caught off guard when trying to navigate the current market trends. In laments terms when inventory is low and demand is high the “power” swings from […]

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    Crazy “Busy”

    Spring brings a lot with it, chirping birds, roaring streams, tulips, daffodils. For me- it brings about a time of year when I am CRAZY busy. March, April and May are the 2nd, 1st and 3rd highest months of home sales. I am swamped for three months straight. Add to that the plays, concerts and […]

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