Kate Seaman Team at Warren Real Estate

Kate Seaman Team at Warren Real Estate
Warren Real Estate | 830 Hanshaw Road | Ithaca, NY 14850

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Listing a home in the winter?

Create a Digital Photo Library! A question I am often asked is, “when in the best time to list your home for sale?” As with everything in real estate there is no ‘right,’ answer – every seller and every property have its own set of strengths and challenges and the timing is just another piece […]


Guest Blog

Guest Blog From Warren Real Estate’s Summer Intern, Ryan Hammond This Summer we were lucky enough to get to know Ryan Hammond, a Penn State senior who interned for Warren Real Estate and helped our team with some marketing activities. We asked Ryan to write a blog on his experiences as he finishes up his […]


Summer is here!

  Happy Summer Solstice, With over 30 open houses this weekend (including four from the Kate Seaman Team)- it’s a great opportunity to start or continue your home search. Follow the link below to see the entire list and if you’re not in the market for a home but still looking for something to-do we’ve […]


About Us

Kate Seaman

Not all teams are created equal. First formed in 2013, The Kate Seaman Team at Warren Real Estate begin not with the goal of creating a cookie-cutter, assembly-line transactions, but with the idea that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Working collectively, we're able to expand our services and give our clients the attention they deserve. With an on-call schedule and vacation coverage we try our best to ensure someone is always available. With a combined 28 years of real estate experience, we have the knowledge and problem-solving capabilities needed for your success!! As Realtors® we abide by a code of ethics and our team takes those responsibilities very seriously. Loyalty to our individual clients will never be compromised because our team dynamic.