Kate Seaman Team at Warren Real Estate

Kate Seaman Team at Warren Real Estate
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Guest Blog

Guest Blog

From Warren Real Estate’s Summer Intern, Ryan Hammond

This Summer we were lucky enough to get to know Ryan Hammond, a Penn State senior who interned for Warren Real Estate and helped our team with some marketing activities. We asked Ryan to write a blog on his experiences as he finishes up his time here in the next couple of weeks

Real Estate. We’re all familiar with the phrase. We’ve all been impacted by it in our lives. We understand the variety of benefits that are potentially affiliated with it. We’re aware of the impact it plays supporting our economy.

To myself, and others, these few factors listed are just some of many that make real estate extremely intriguing and a career we feel is worth chasing.

As a rising senior and double business major at The Pennsylvania State University, receiving Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business Marketing and Business Management, I felt the timing was perfect and I was well enough prepared to begin my journey into real estate.

Residing just south of Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, New York, I reached out to the premier central upstate real estate agency, Warren Real Estate, in hope of landing an internship and utilizing the summer to advance my knowledge for when I’m graduated, licensed, and pursing real estate full-time.

My first impressions of the company during the initial interviews directly mirrored the expectations I held for them from the extremely reputable name they’ve established for themselves in the area. Everything from the classy, beautifully decorated and arranged interiors of the offices, to the very polite receptionists who made sure to offer water and/or coffee to me while I waited. As well as the highest caliber of professionalism exemplified by the upper level management conducting the interviews, such as Bryan Warren, President, Tam-Marion Warren, Regional VP, and Brent Katzmann, Office Manager.

Warren has graciously provided me with my own office, company phone with an extension, and company email. As the summer continues, I’m able to work and familiarize myself with new agents, admin, management, and some of the company’s real estate teams. This brings opportunities to absorb valuable information and methodologies along the way, all of which are very beneficial for building miscellaneous real estate knowledge.

Most of my tasks for the summer have revolved around marketing; either for the company, individual agents, or with Adrienne Zornow on behalf of Kate Seaman’s team. Occasionally, I will be invited out into the field to shadow agents on showings, walk-throughs, client meetings, closings…etc. However, as an unlicensed intern, there is only so much I am legally allowed to participate in and contribute to. Warren, and their entire staff, have done a terrific job including me in as many tasks as possible in attempt to mold me into a more knowledgeable real estate pursuant, while simultaneously following all legal and ethical real estate procedures.

After spending much of my summer here, it is clear to me why Warren is the leading agency in the upstate New York real estate market. Not once have I ever felt tension throughout the office, conflicts between agents, or any negative emotions at all. Instead, an abundant vibe of kindness and teamwork roams throughout the offices. My first witness of just how collective the agents and staff here at Warren are, was during the Semi-annual Market Report Meeting. Hosted by Brent Katzmann, this meeting entailed company-wide meaningful and informational conversations regarding the meeting’s relevant topics, with laughs exchanged and jokes made, all while exerting professionalism and class. In this meeting, the bonding throughout the present members of the Ithaca Warren team showed me why this group is as successful as they are.

So far, this summer has brought many valuable opportunities that have given me the chance to learn numerous skills, information, procedures, and more, as well as establish various connections that will undoubtedly benefit my real estate career.

For any agents, interns, or real estate enthusiasts considering working for, or with Warren, I can confidently say you won’t be disappointed with your choice to join the Warren Team!



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